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January 13, 2013

Mirror Balls: Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is a fun city to shop and to photograph. The city is filled with little vignettes to have fun with.  There is public art everywhere, and Seoulites love to get outdoors.


ISO400, 38mm, f8, 1/125 second

This set of mirror balls is just outside of the huge COEX mall in downtown Seoul.  The shade offered by the trees and the planters/benches make it a popular spot to rest and have lunch or simply chat or enjoy people watching. The original image was shot a lot wider, but I cropped in, even slicing in to some of the smaller balls to make the image tighter and more visually arresting. Seoul is one of those places where you can make images just about anywhere–even at the mall.

May 28, 2012

Back at Deoksugung Palace, Seoul: Motion Blur

One of the images I had in mind when I returned to the main gate at Deoksugung Palace in Seoul was a motion blur image of the changing of the guard cermony.  I thought the bright colours of the regalia would add a vibrant sweep of movement. At first I tried my wonderful 10-stop ND filter–but the 30 second shutter speed basically made my walking guards invisible!  I changed to the 1.2 D filter that cuts light by 4-stops, giving me a more workable shutter speed.

ISO400, 12mm, f22, 0.4 seconds.

In Lightroom I adjusted my exposure quite a bit to make the image brighter–as I had badly underexposed it while changing filters (Lightroom gave me the leeway of adjusting +2.44 without adding noise or colour shifts).  I also brightened the shadows, increased the whites, lowered the blacks, and did some selectively toning down of the intense yellow. I really enjoy the flow and movement in this image.

May 27, 2012

Banpo Bridge, Seoul

Banpo Bridge is a major bridge across the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. It has become a popular evening destination for people walking and biking along the river.

Banpo Bridge with Namsan Tower in the distance, ISO160, 32mm, f16, 4 seconds

One of the reasons for Banpo’s popularity is that it sports the world’s longest bridge fountain–10,000 LED nozzles that shoot out 190 tons of water per minute.  Installed in 2009, the fountain launches into public displays each afternoon and evening (at night it is lit up).  So, with the fountain in mind, I headed to the bridge for one of the evening shows just after sunset.

ISO160, 32mm, f16, 4 seconds

I have to say I was rather underwhelmed by it–and the musical choices that went along with the 10 minute show.  It just seemed rather bland–especially when compared to any fountain show you can see in Las Vegas or even Disneyland.  But, then I turned my attention away from the bridge, and right next to Banpo are the much more interesting floating islands. Three floating islands have been built on the river–one houses a performance hall, one cultural facilities and one water leisure facilities.  At night they are lit up and viewed from the Banpo Bridge, with the water fountain shooting its jets, the images you can capture become far more interesting visually.

ISO160, 28mm, f16, 15 seconds

This image was captured from the deck of the bridge looking out under the fountain and toward the lit up floating island. The lesson from all of this–don’t stay so focused on shooting what you intended, if it doesn’t quite live up to your expectations, move around, check the angles, and find the picture that is waiting there for you.