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January 13, 2013

Mirror Balls: Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is a fun city to shop and to photograph. The city is filled with little vignettes to have fun with.  There is public art everywhere, and Seoulites love to get outdoors.


ISO400, 38mm, f8, 1/125 second

This set of mirror balls is just outside of the huge COEX mall in downtown Seoul.  The shade offered by the trees and the planters/benches make it a popular spot to rest and have lunch or simply chat or enjoy people watching. The original image was shot a lot wider, but I cropped in, even slicing in to some of the smaller balls to make the image tighter and more visually arresting. Seoul is one of those places where you can make images just about anywhere–even at the mall.

April 15, 2012

Dongdaemun Gate, Seoul, South Korea

I am heading to Seoul on Thursday for a two-week trip.  To prepare, I have been looking over past images I have taken in the city to see what I got, what I missed, and what I want to improve upon.  One image I really like from my 2010 visit to the city is this one of Dongdaemun Gate.

ISO160, 12 mm, f16, 6 seconds.

I began photographing the gate just after sunset, but the clouds meant that Blue Hour didn’t quite give me the look I was after.  I was actually happier with the true nighttime shots like this one.  I particularly like including the red no-walk light on the cross walk as well as the blur of the car and bus lights. I plan on returning to this spot to see if I can capture a Blue Hour scene here.