Keeping it Simple II

Zoos offer the perfect opportunity to practice photography.  But sometimes the setups are just not ideal for certain kinds of shots.  You may have a zebra standing a few feet from you, but the positioning of the wire or bars or fencing is such that you just can’t get a clear shot.  When faced with those types of situations, it is time to think a little differently and go for the abstract.


Grevy’s zebra, ISO400, 200mm, f6.3, 1/500 second

That was the situation I found myself in here.  I was getting very frustrated trying to take an image of the zebra’s head without getting the fence in the way.  When I changed my thinking I ended up getting images that I was very happy with.  So, even if faced with some obstacles, think around them, and don’t let yourself be so focused (!) on one shot that you miss the others.

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