January 13, 2013

Mirror Balls: Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is a fun city to shop and to photograph. The city is filled with little vignettes to have fun with.  There is public art everywhere, and Seoulites love to get outdoors.


ISO400, 38mm, f8, 1/125 second

This set of mirror balls is just outside of the huge COEX mall in downtown Seoul.  The shade offered by the trees and the planters/benches make it a popular spot to rest and have lunch or simply chat or enjoy people watching. The original image was shot a lot wider, but I cropped in, even slicing in to some of the smaller balls to make the image tighter and more visually arresting. Seoul is one of those places where you can make images just about anywhere–even at the mall.

January 9, 2013

Keeping it Simple II

Zoos offer the perfect opportunity to practice photography.  But sometimes the setups are just not ideal for certain kinds of shots.  You may have a zebra standing a few feet from you, but the positioning of the wire or bars or fencing is such that you just can’t get a clear shot.  When faced with those types of situations, it is time to think a little differently and go for the abstract.


Grevy’s zebra, ISO400, 200mm, f6.3, 1/500 second

That was the situation I found myself in here.  I was getting very frustrated trying to take an image of the zebra’s head without getting the fence in the way.  When I changed my thinking I ended up getting images that I was very happy with.  So, even if faced with some obstacles, think around them, and don’t let yourself be so focused (!) on one shot that you miss the others.

January 8, 2013

Canada Place, Vancouver

I seem to be in Vancouver a lot these days.  Luckily there are no shortage of locations to photograph, although since I am usually busy during the day, my photographic opportunities generally come at night.


ISO 200, 34 mm, f16, 8 seconds


ISO 200, 70 mm, f20, 20 seconds


ISO 200, 24 mm, f16, 8 seconds, zoom motion blur

And sometimes I don’t even have to leave my hotel room:


I don’t do a lot of stacking of exposures, but I decided to do so for this one to capture the moon the way it should be seen.  So, this is a composite image–one shot exposed for Canada Place and one exposed for the moon, merged using Perfect Layers2